Version 1.2.4 (24/09/2021)

– ADDED Turn cost in the Loan panel
– CHANGED Performance mode will also deactivated fog particle
– FIX Special order now displays correct amount of revenue
– FIX Trend icon when no trend is active
– FIX various UI glitch and overlap
– FIX improved performance in office scene
– FIX vine pause button when an employees is working on it
– FIX various sell orders price display problems

Version 1.2.3 (17/09/2021)

– ADDED vine pause (you will no longer receive cards from a vine if you pause it)
– ADDED buttons to navigate between structures
– CHANGED improved card design
– BALANCE no discount on single bottle orders
– FIX improved Special Orders in “King of red wines” and “King of white wines”
– FIX added icon the wine trend event is active in wine orders
– FIX wine name length in wine orders
– FIX Japanese and Italian localization
– FIX tree shaking animation
– FIX now Steam will register the game closing on quitting
– FIX calendar icon in Wine list

Version 1.2.2 (10/09/2021)

– FIX repeated requirements on unplayable card tooltip
– FIX multiple player profiles could have the same name
– FIX cards stop their animation during dialogues or tutorials
– FIX mirrored info badge over the vines
– FIX missing tooltip in management panel when no terrain is owned
– FIX improved performance in office scene
– FIX various popups bugs
– FIX wine discounted price when the wine trend event is active
– FIX major Korean and Russian localizations

Version 1.2.0 (29/07/2021)

– ADDED Grape Lab

Hotfix 1.1.4 (18/07/2021)

– FIX performance on low-end machines during foggy days
– FIX Arneis wine trend event effect application
– FIX yeasts can lo longer go over 100% genetic strength
– FIX resolution UI scaling problems in certain screen configurations
– FIX localization

Version 1.1.3 (16/07/2021)

– ADDED all-new main menu
– ADDED turn duration display on cards
– FIX fame gain equals 0 if the game configuration was harder than the default value
– FIX tractor tools do not give the cleaning card after harvesting
– FIX localization

Version 1.1.2 (09/07/2021)

– ADDED all missing label localization
– BALANCE cleaning and repair cards are given automatically
– BALANCE Agata special order in story mode
– BALANCE Wine Awards requirements
– FIX removed empty game settings page from Main menu settings panel

Version 1.1.1 (02/07/2021)

– ADDED achievement eligibility in game configuration panel
– ADDED “perfect terroir” cheat seed
– ADDED “Gilbert Benedict” cheat seed
– ADDED density, terracing and irrigation info are now visible in the vines inspection panel
– BALANCE cleaning room can be used on different tools in the same turn
– BALANCE display wine perfect taste star during vinification after discovering it

Version 1.1.0 (25/06/2021)

– ADDED endless mode configuration options
– ADDED VSync option in Settings
– BALANCE Challenge “Master Winemaker”
– FIX aging card resets settings when is picked up and placed again on the board
– FIX accepting selling orders now refreshes card’s playability
– FIX graphic problem when planting a new vineyard with the controller
– FIX 3D tile in the office scene will not turn red when player can not place the card
– FIX vines can no longer get infected by 2 different diseases if they trigger on the same turn
– FIX Better Gamepad navigation in Tech and Settings
– Minor bug fix
– Performance improved

Version 1.0.9 (18/06/2021)

  • ADDED ingame achievements panel and animation
  • CHANGED vine Terroir indicators always displayed in vine panels
  • BALANCE lowered quality value to achieve wine quirk “good Terroir” (makes it easier to achieve)
  • FIX vine PH and altitude values were wrongfully added twice in wine quirk “good Terroir” calculation
  • FIX cards in hand because an employee isn’t working on it do not disappear anymore
  • FIX vine Terroir values changed on old saves after the addition of “Grignolino” grape variety, sorry for this it should not happen anymore in future updates
  • FIX “excellent” quality now is displayed correctly in press wizard
  • FIX all employees use the same tractor when there are others available

Version 1.0.8 (11/06/2021)

  • ADDED new grape variety: Grignolino
  • ADDED more shop auto-sell options
  • ADDED Character’s name during dialogues
  • CHANGED telling an employee to not work a card will give you that card
  • BALANCE Tool Shed repair cost
  • FIX bottling machine rinsing module now correctly prevents TCA and oxidation
  • FIX wrong total bottles quantity displayed in warehouse and wine log panels
  • FIX wrong structures maintenance cost
  • FIX various controllers issues
  • FIX tutorial triggered by save file input
  • Minor bug fix
  • Performance improved

Version 1.0.7 (04/06/2021)

  • ADDED a new Challenge
  • ADDED logo scale slider for bottle label
  • ADDED logo scale slider for winery profile
  • ADDED black paper in label design
  • ADDED button to delete old wine
  • ADDED sold all wine notification
  • ADDED shop panels now displays amount of tools owned by player
  • ADDED challenge completed are now displayed in Main Menu
  • ADDED new achievements!
  • CHANGED casks order and bonus
  • BALANCED longer wine names, from 16 to 24 characters
  • FIX saving file with a dot inside prevents it from showing in the loading files list
  • FIX uprooting and replanting a vine doesn’t change it’s native yeast
  • FIX vine icons rendered behind card’s info
  • FIX Spanish label overlapping
  • FIX improved performance for Sell Order buttons
  • FIX sell orders filter for Plant Type
  • FIX sell orders lost on game loading
  • FIX Russian “щ” character rendered as a square
  • Minor bug fix
  • Performance improved

Version 1.0.6 (28/05/2021)

  • ADDED tutorial messages in story and endless modes, you can disable them from the settings menu (English only for now sorry, we need some time to translate it to other languages)
  • ADDED third tier shelf in warehouse!!!
  • ADDED Various Sounds
  • ADDED Better Ui Icons for treatment and disease in the Treatments Wizard.
  • ADDED Preventive treatments now have a shield icon showed over the vine and a dedicated badge with the number of turns in which they are effective
  • ADDED Bottle quantity label added in Wine List and Warehouse
  • ADDED Performance Mode for older PC and MAC
  • BALANCED Warehouse Rooms price
  • BALANCED Income from Guided Tours and Merchandising
  • FIX Various labels localization
  • FIX Guided Tours requirement
  • FIX The Upgrade Popup now show correct sell order value
  • FIX “A big garage” and “a lot of space” achievements
  • FIX Translation errors in Special Orders requirements
  • Minor bug fix
  • Performance improved

Version 1.0.5 (20/05/2021)

  • FIX loading save file crash
  • FIX NaN fame after bottling and tasting the wine

Version 1.0.4 (20/05/2021)

  • ADDED shortcut key ‘spacebar’ for next turn
  • ADDED shortcut key ‘spacebar’ exits structure panel
  • ADDED shortcut key ‘R’ rotates card
  • ADDED shortcut keys numbers from 1 to 6 open management menus
  • ADDED vine planting panel now shows result of quality and quantity
  • ADDED Upgrading a Structure now show a Popup with more informations.
  • BALANCED cheapest vines are more suitable for chardonnay and nebbiolo in endless mode
  • BALANCED all-snowy winter should no longer be possible (please report as bug if it happens)
  • BALANCED vine disease prevention treatments last 1 year instead of 1 season
  • FIX automatic sell now accepts orders from low discount to high discount 
  • FIX no one wants to buy the last bottle of a wine
  • FIX marketing use button with joypad 
  • FIX black screen on next turn caused by a “press” panel error
  • FIX yeast card cannot be clicked if it was moved on the board while placing
  • FIX performance drop after many years into the game
  • FIX deleted a game file that was causing issues related to the path length
  • FIX multiple bottling machines cannot be used at the same time
  • FIX Some letters in Journal now trigger with the properly dialogues 
  • FIX Audio missing from some buttons
  • FIX Getting a loan doesn’t refresh available cards
  • FIX Online Orders now show the correct icon
  • FIX Ui changes for Sell Special Orders.

Version 1.0.3 (14/05/2021)

  • ADDED purchasable vines have random terroir values in endless mode
  • ADDED structure enter animation can be disabled from settings menu
  • FIX unresponsive buttons in wine orders panel and structure panel
  • FIX having a demo save file locks the game on startup
  • FIX terroir calculation for wine defect “bad terroir” and quirk “good terroir” now also uses terrain ph and altitude
  • FIX “press” card could be used without the “press” tool
  • FIX challenge parameters in Journal recap page are now displayed correctly
  • FIX tools could become broken without any wear
  • FIX english localization
  • FIX korean localization
  • FIX missing localization in Marketing Online panel

Version 1.0.2 (13/05/2021)